Inland silverside

Menidia beryllina

Family Atherinopsidae - silversides

Body elongate; snout somewhat pointed; mouth oblique; color pale yellow to off-white, lateral silvery stripe narrower than eye; white swimbladder apparent through flesh; 2 dorsal fins, 1st dorsal fin with spines only; pectoral fins sit high on sides of body; scales on back outlined with dark pigment; scales smooth to touch; caudal fin with slight dusky margin.
Similar Species
The rough silverside has dark pigment on its back in parallel rows and its scales are rough to the touch; anchovies have a snout that protrudes past the mouth.
Bay and freshwater
Maximum Size
15 cm (6 in), common to 8 cm (3 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. V+I, 10; A. I,15-18 (explain)
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