Pink wormfish

Microdesmus longipinnis

Family Microdesmidae - wormfishes

Body elongate, eel-like; color pinkish tan, small dark spots along dorsum; rounded tail fin distinct from dorsal and anal fin; dorsal and anal fin attached to tail fin by a thin membrane; mouth is oblique (slanted upward); lower jaw is fat, rounded, extends past upper jaw to about eye level; pectoral and pelvic fins small; dorsal fin elongate, starting right behind head and pectoral fin to tail fin; anal fin elongate starting right behind anus and extending to tail fin; gill opening is an oblique slit in front of pectoral fin.
Similar Species
The wormfish differs from eels by having a distinct tail fin. The pink wormfish differs from the lancetail wormfish by having a rounded tail vs a pointed tail. Similar to the violet goby, but the wormfish has a thicker, more protruding lower jaw and its pelvic fins are separate (fused in gobies),.
Gulf and bays, shallow quiet waters
Maximum Size
27 cm (10 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XX-XXI,50; A. 41-47 (explain)
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