Clown goby

Microgobius gulosus

Family Gobiidae - gobies

Body elongate, head small, color light gray to brown, dark blotches along back and midbody, 2 dark vertical lines beneath 1st dorsal fin, sometimes the appearance of diagonal lines on upper body; in life will have blue and yellow iridescent colors, stripes on cheek, behind gill plate and on fin margins; may have dark longitudinal bar beneath eye; laterally compressed; scaled; pelvic fins united into 1 fin; in males several spines in 1st dorsal fin elongate and threadlike; females with spots on dorsal fins and upper tail fin.
Similar Species
The color pattern on the body is distinct, and combined with the iridescence, should easily distinguish this goby from others
Bay, muddy bottoms in seagrassed or protected waters, sometimes enters freshwater
Maximum Size
8 cm (3 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VII+I,14-16; A. I,15-17 (explain)
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