Green goby

Microgobius thalassinus

Family Gobiidae - gobies

Body elongate; small head; color light with a greenish tinge, pelvic fins united to form 1 fin; body scaled; mouth oblique (vertically inclined); females with yellowish golden head and eye and sometimes with spot on 1st dorsal; male with reddish or orangish dorsal and pelvic fins, spotted dorsal fins and spots on border of anal fins; both sexes with a transparent horizontal stripe on both dorsal fins.
Similar Species
Similar to the clown goby, M. gulosus but the clown goby has a darker body with blotches on it sides. The green goby has a more upturned mouth.
Bay and Gulf, is associated with sponges and bryozoans
Maximum Size
4 cm (1 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VII+16; A. 16 (explain)
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