Crested cusk eel

Ophidion josephi

Family Ophidiidae - eels, cusk

Body elongate, shorter and more robust than other eels; color pale with golden spots forming 3 vertical rows, the upper row nearly fused into solid line, golden yellow on opercle; snout slightly protruding, mouth subterminal, snout without spine; males with prominent hump on head; dorsal and anal fins long, narrow, continuous with caudal fin, all edged in black; pelvic fin placed below or forward of eye, consists of 2 filamentous rays.
Similar Species
In the mottled and blotched cusk eels the upper spots are not fused into a nearly solid line. Other cusk eels do not have spots.
Maximum Size
25 cm (10 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 128-150; A. 105-122 (explain)
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