Orthopristis chrysoptera

Family Haemulidae - grunts

Body elongate, widest just below dorsal fin origin, compressed; color blue-gray above, silvery below; irregular horizontal yellow stripes on head, body and soft dorsal fin; sometimes with dusky mottling on sides; snout pointed, moderate slope on head, mouth small, not reaching to anterior margin of eye; fins yellow with dusky margins; 2nd anal fin spine not thicken, shorter than 3rd spine; 2 pores under lower lip on chin.
Similar Species
Can sometimes be confused with pinfish, but differs from the pinfish by having a longer snout, smaller eye and no shoulder spot (present on the pinfish).
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
46 cm (18 in), common to 30 cm (12 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XII-XIII,16; A. III,12-13 (explain)
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