Red porgy

Pagrus pagrus

Family Sparidae - porgies

Body oblong, moderately deep, compressed; color pinkish above, lighter below; yellow spot on scales on upper body; yellow on upper lip, snout and above eyes; head profile rounded, strongly convex; mouth small; front teeth in both jaws canine-like; side teeth molar-like; posterior nostril oval, larger than anterior nostril.
Similar Species
Differs from other porgies by having a more slender body, front canine-like teeth, an oval posterior nostril (as opposed to slit-like) and no forward directed 1st dorsal spine.
Gulf, prefers rocky or hard sand bottoms
Maximum Size
91 cm (36 in), common to 35 cm (14 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XII,9-11; A. III,8 (explain)
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