Peprilus paru

Family Stromateidae - butterfishes

Body deep, round, strongly compressed; color pale blue gray above, silvery with yellow tinges on sides; snout blunt, shorter than eye diameter; mouth small; dorsal and anal fins long, about the same length, anterior rays of both fins very elongate; pelvic fins absent; dorsal and anal spines small and sometimes obsolete; no row of pores below anterior half of dorsal fin.
Similar Species
Similar to the Gulf butterfish but anterior rays of dorsal and anal fins are very elongated (only slightly elongated in Gulf butterfish), Gulf butterfish with row of pores below anterior half of dorsal fin (no pores in harvestfish)
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
30 cm (12 in), common to 18 cm (7 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 38-47; A. 35-45 (explain)
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