Atlantic threadfin

Polydactylus octonemus

Family Polynemidae - threadfins

Body moderately elongate, compressed; snout is blunt, protruding, mouth is subterminal; color silvery with a yellowish tinge; pectoral fins low on body, 7-8 detached rays on lower part of fin, the longest of these rays longer than the rays in the upper pectoral; dorsal and caudal fin edged in black; anal and pelvic fins edged in white.
Similar Species
The protruding blunt nose and free rays of the lower pectoral fin distinguish this species from other fishes.
Gulf, sandy or muddy bottoms
Maximum Size
33 cm (13 in), common to 25 cm (10 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VIII+I,12-13; A. III,13-15 (explain)
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