Stout beardfish

Polymixia nobilis

Family Polymixiidae - beardfish

Body elongate, laterally compressed; color bluish to greenish silver on back, sides silvery; eye large; mouth large, extends to posterior margin of eye; 2 long chin barbels, originating behind lower jaw tip, under eye, about as long as the head; dorsal fin long, anterior rays slightly elongate; dorsal fin dusky at the base; tail fin forked, dusky on the inner margins; lobes of dorsal and anal fins may be dusky or black.
Similar Species
Goatfishes have chin barbels also, but the barbels are located on the tip of the lower jaw. Goatfishes also have 2 dorsal fins. Beardfishes have 1. The stout beardfish is distinguished from another area beardfish (P. lowei) by its dorsal ray count (34-38 vs 26-32) and lower gill raker count (10-13 vs 14-22). The stout beardfish also grows larger than P. lowei with a maximum length 52 cm (20 in) vs 20 cm (8 in) in P. lowei.
Gulf, deep water, gravel or sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
48 cm (19 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. V,34-37; A. IV,15-16 (explain)
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