Bigeye searobin

Prionotus longispinosus

Family Triglidae - searobins

Body elongate, head large with bony ridges and spines; width between eyes narrow; color reddish brown above, belly and lower sides white; no black oblique bar below soft dorsal fin; 1st dorsal with black spot with white area underneath; 2nd dorsal fin orangish with white spots; pectoral fin large, wing-like, lower 3 rays free; pectoral fins dark with white spots with blue margins, dark blotch on lower edge, sometimes with yellow edges; underside of pectoral fin dark with white posterior margin; anal fin dusky with white margin.
Similar Species
White spots on a dark pectoral fin and peculiar white and black spot on dorsal fin distinguish this species from other searobins; flying gurnards are similar to searobins but their pectoral fins do not have free rays.
Maximum Size
35 cm (14 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. X+12-13; A. 10-12 (explain)
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