Leopard searobin

Prionotus scitulus

Family Triglidae - searobins

Body elongate and slim, head large with bony ridges and spines, width between eyes narrow; color brown or orangish spots on lighter background, belly white, sometime with diffused, oblique bands on sides; dorsal, tail and pectoral fins with brown to orange spots; anal fin with white on tips and near body and translucent darker stripe between; pectoral fin large, wing-like, lower 3 rays free; pelvic rays long, translucent; 1st dorsal fin with 2 black spots, 1 between 1st and 2nd spines, the other between the 4th and 5th spines; throat area with no scales.
Similar Species
The leopard searobin tends to be more slender than other local searobins and is the only one with 2 dark spots on its 1st dorsal fin. Other searobins have 1 or no spots.
Gulf and bay, shallow waters
Maximum Size
25 cm (10 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. X+12-14; A. 11-13 (explain)
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