Bighead searobin

Prionotus tribulus

Family Triglidae - searobins

Body elongate, head large with bony ridges and spines, width between eyes large; color dark with greenish-gray mottling on back, some black markings or dark and light spots; black oblique bar below soft dorsal fin; belly white; 1st dorsal with black spot; pectoral fin large, wing-like, lower 3 rays free, finger-like; pectoral fins dark with lighter bands, no spots, sometimes with yellow edges, white edge on underside of pectoral fin.
Similar Species
Dark pectoral fin with lighter banding with no spots and the oblique bar under soft dorsal fin distinguish this species from other searobins; flying gurnards are similar to searobins but their pectoral fins do not have free rays.
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
35 cm (14 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. X+11-12; A. 11-12 (explain)
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