Pristipomoides aquilonaris

Family Lutjanidae - snappers

Body elongate; color pink on back and upper sides, whitish on lower sides and belly, occasionally with irregular yellow lines on upper sides; dorsal fin tipped with yellow; yellow on caudal fin; eye large, almost touching the head profile; iris yellow; 1 continuous dorsal fin, no deep notch in fin; last ray of dorsal and anal fins elongate; snout blunt; tooth patch on roof of mouth; area between the eyes is flat; pectoral fins long reaching to anal opening;
Similar Species
Wenchman differ from most other snapper by having a flat region between the eyes (convex in other snappers) and having a more blunt snout
Gulf, around rough bottoms, reefs
Maximum Size
56 cm (22 in), common to 20 cm
Fin Element Counts
D. X, 10-11; A. III,8 (explain)
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