Cownose ray

Rhinoptera bonasus

Family Rhinopteridae - rays

Body dorsoventrally flattened; thick; head projecting and bi-lobed; anterior portion of pectoral fins (the wings) separated from rest of fin and forms fleshy lobes (subrostral lobes) beneath head and is attach to the middle of the snout; color brown to olive above, white below; eyes and spiracles (opening) on sides of head; pectoral fins fused to sides of body starting at head to posterior end of body, pointed; rear edges concave; disk wider than long; tail slender with spine at base; 1 dorsal fin at base of tail; no caudal fin.
Similar Species
No other eagle ray has a bi-lobed head; in other rays the head does not protrude past (or is distinct from) the pectoral fins (the wings).
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
213 cm (7 ft) disk width, common to 120 cm (4 ft)
Fin Element Counts
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