Longspine porgy

Stenotomus caprinus

Family Sparidae - porgies

Body oval, deep, compressed; color silvery, no markings except faint narrow bars in young; head profile straight except for bump around eyes, convex above shoulder; mouth small; front teeth in both jaws in close-set rows, the outer row slightly larger, teeth spatulate-shaped (narrower on the attached ends); 1st 2 dorsal spines very small, the 1st projected forward; the 3rd-5th dorsal spines long and filamentous; posterior nostril slit-like; pectoral fins long, reaching past anal fin origin.
Similar Species
Differs from other porgies by having a shorter body and filamentous spines (3rd-5th) in the dorsal fin, the 3rd 1 elongate.
Gulf, prefers mud bottoms
Maximum Size
30 cm (12 in), common to 15 cm (6 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XII,12; A. III,12 (explain)
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