Black pomfret

Taractes rubescens

Family Bramidae - pomfrets

Body deep, ovate, somewhat compressed, snout pointed; color black with lighter color on scales, white on inner rays of tail, pectoral and pelvic fins; lower jaw slightly protruding past upper jaw, mouth strongly oblique (slanted); area between eyes flat to slightly concave; 2 pair of nostrils, posterior one slit-like; frontal lobes of anal and dorsal fins long, sickle-like (falcate), scaled to nearly tip; rest of fins long, low, scalloped; pelvic fins not small, well developed; pectoral fin long, wing-like; eye large; scales large, irregular shaped, lacking spines; tail large, forked in adults; weak precaudal groove on upper surface of caudal peduncle; keel (ridge) on sides of caudal peduncle, apex of keel with lighter color.
Similar Species
Differs from other pomfrets by having a pointed snout (others with blunt, rounded snouts).
Gulf, oceanic
Maximum Size
91 cm (36 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 33-38; A. 27-30 (explain)
Other Common Names
keeled pomfret, keeltail pomfret
Previous Scientific Names
State size/bag limits