Bigeye tuna

Thunnus obesus

Family Scombridae - tunas

Body elongate, robust, snout pointed; color dark blue on back, whitish on sides and belly; 1st dorsal fin dark yellow, 2nd dorsal and anal fins lighter yellow; finlets behind dorsal (7-10) and anal (8-10) fins bright yellow with dark edges; dorsal and anal fins falcate (sickle-shaped), not extremely long; pectoral fin long, extending past edge of 1st dorsal fin to near or past posterior margin (very long, past posterior dorsal fin margin in smaller fish); large lateral keel between 2 smaller keels on each side of caudal peduncle.
Similar Species
The albacore tuna, T. alalunga, has very long pectoral fins but its finlets are dusky, not yellow. The yellowfin tuna has yellow fins and finlets, but its pectoral fin is shorter (does not reach to the posterior margin of dorsal fin), its eye is smaller, and in larger fish its 2nd dorsal and its anal fins are extremely elongated. It may also have broken vertical lines on its belly.
Gulf, open waters
Maximum Size
24 cm (94 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XI-XIV+12-16+8-10 finlets; A. II, 11-16+8-10 finlets (explain)
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