Trachinotus falcatus

Family Carangidae - jacks

Body short, deep and compressed; color darker above, silvery below, dusk spot on opercle; juveniles may be completely black to completely silver, with belly and anal fin with yellowish to orangish tinge; snout blunt, mouth subterminal; 2nd dorsal and anal fin lobes elongate; anal and 2nd dorsal fin bases about equal in length; no scutes on lateral line; no keels on caudal peduncle; lateral line slightly arched anteriorly.
Similar Species
Florida pompanos have narrower bodies and shorter fin lobes, no orangish coloration on belly and anal fin, anal fin base shorter than 2nd dorsal fin base (about equal in permits) and no dusky blotch on opercle.
Gulf, juveniles may be found in bays, common in the surf during summer
Maximum Size
160 cm (5 1/4 ft), common to 108 cm (3 1/2 ft)
Fin Element Counts
D. V-VI+I,18-20; A. II+I,17-18 (explain)
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