Gulf hake

Urophycis cirrata

Family Phycidae - hakes

Body elongate, round to compressed, soft; snout protruding, mouth subterminal; barbel on chin very short or absent; color light brown, belly lighter; diffuse dark spot on upper gill plate; no spots on cheek; pelvic fins of 2 filamentous rays, joined at the base, elongated reaching past the origin of the anal fin; 2nd dorsal and anal fins long, but separate from caudal fin;
Similar Species
Differs from the spotted and southern hakes which have a barbel on the chin (short or absent in the Gulf hake), dark spots on cheek, and the pelvic fin rays do not reach past the origin of the anal fin.
Gulf, deeper waters, mud bottoms
Maximum Size
66 cm (26 in), common to 35 cm (14 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 10+62-68; A. 55-59 (explain)
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