Antennariidae - frogfishes

Frogfishes are short globular looking fishes with large oblique or vertical mouths. The first dorsal spine is found on the snout and is modified into a dangling "lure" used to attract its prey. The second and third dorsal spines are free from the rest of the dorsal fin and are covered with skin. The gill openings are restricted to small pores behind the base of the each pectoral fin. The skin of frogfishes is loose and usually sandpapery (except in the sargassumfish, Histrio histrio, whose skin is smooth) often with fleshy filaments or flaps. Sargassumfish cling to floating sargassum weeds. Most other frogfishes are bottom dwellers. Although they appear sedentary, frogfishes are voracious carnivores, using camouflage and their dangling lures to attract small fishes and invertebrates.