Bramidae - pomfrets

Pomfrets are medium to large size fishes with deep, somewhat compressed bodies. They are oceanic, many living as deep as 500 m (over 1600 ft) or more, and so are rarely seen. They most resemble the Stromateidae family (butterfishes) in shape, although they are more closely related to Coryphaenidae (dolphinfishes). Several species of butterfishes are referred to pomfrets. However, they differ from true pomfrets by having small mouths, small scales that easily shed and no pelvic fins. The white, black, silver and Chinese pomfrets refer to butterfishes.

Juveniles of the pomfret family usually differ markedly from adults in fin and body shape and may be difficult to identify. Pomfrets are considered excellent food fishes, but only a few are abundant enough to be of commercial value.