Pomacentridae - damselfishes

Pomacentridae, the damselfishes, are small colorful reef fishes. Many have a variety of color phases depending on their mood or the time of day. They also may assume different colors during courtship, and juveniles usually have colors that are different and brighter than in the adults. Damselfishes are known for their elaborate courtship rituals. The relationships among males and females range from polygyny, where the male mates with multiple females but the females mate with only one male, to monogamy, where the fishes mate with the same individual throughout their lives. Most damselfishes are very territorial and aggressively guard their chosen spot on a reef. They are very hardy fishes and, except for their aggressiveness, make excellent aquarium pets. Included in this family are the anemonefishes, popular aquarium fishes that live among the stinging tentacles of anemones.