Striped barnacle

Amphibalanus venustus

Family Balanidae - barnacles (crustacea)

Shell conical, made of 6 triangular plates (parietes) fused together with walls (radii) between plates; walls (radii) narrow; plates have regularly spaced narrow vertical reddish purple stripes of equal width (appears almost solid reddish purple), plates somewhat smooth with no vertical ridges, no horizontal grooves; base plate is calcareous; aperture is basically oval, a little pointed at 1 end; internal plate tergum with spur (rounded extension) wider than long
Similar Species
The other "striped barnacle", B. amphitrite amphitrite, has purplish stripes of varying width and spacing (more white space). The purple striped barnacle, B. trigonus, is distinguished by its triangular opening. The reticulated striped barnacle, B. reticulatus, has horizontal grooves, giving it a reticulated pattern.
Gulf, intertidal to upper shelf, attaches to hard substrates
Maximum Size
Not known, at least 1 cm (1/2 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Balanus venustus