Turkey wing

Arca zebra

Family Arcidae - arks

Bivalve (2 shells), shell oblong, inflated, almost rectangular shaped; color yellow or white with reddish-brown wavy bands; anterior end short with straight or slightly curved margin, angled at bottom; posterior end extended with concave indentation with upper margin extending past lower margin; dorsal (bottom) margin undulating; rounded radial ribs from beaks to margins, with fine ridges between and across ribs; beaks slightly curved inward, widely spaced, area between is flat; hinge long, straight with numerous small teeth.
Similar Species
Similar in shape to the mossy ark, A. imbricata. In the mossy ark, the dorsal (lower) posterior edge extends past the ventral (upper) posterior edge (opposite in the turkey wing).
Gulf and bay, shell bottoms, reef areas
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
A. occidentalis