Brazilian armina

Armina muelleri

Family Arminidae - nudibranchs

Gastropod, no shell, body oval-shaped, smooth, flattened; soft, no external skeleton; color reddish brown to black, sometimes with lighter areas centrally and on the ends, white or yellow disconnected sometimes squiggly lines from end to end; mantle and foot lined in white; brownish longitudinal folds (hyponotal lamellae) on the margins of the underside of the mantle are digestive glands; in front of the hyponotal lamellae are rows of transverse folds (branchial lamellae), these are the gills; a pair of scent or taste receptors (fleshy tabs called rhinophores) on head, black with white tips, may be withdrawn into a pocket beneath the skin.
Similar Species
This is the only nudibranch with stripes in the area.
Gulf, sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
6 cm (2 1/3 in)
Other Common Names
sea slug
Previous Scientific Names
The names Armina abbotti and Armina tigrina (in the U.S.) refer to this species. Preys on sea pansies.