Splendid whelk

Busycon candelabrum

Family Melongenidae - whelks

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape, right-handed (dextral); shell color with off-white to tan or gray with brown or dark radial streaks, band of lighter color on the lower curve of the body whorl; small short projections outlining the whorls; spiraling ridges on whorls; spire is short; aperture is oblong with a definite angle at the top of the 1st whorl, short, take up less than 1/2 total body length; inside aperture is white, yellow or gray, sometimes with brown streaks, grooved; aperture opens on the right side (looking at the aperture side); siphonal canal long, slight twist towards the bottom; snail body is black or dark.
Similar Species
Looks like a lightning whelk but the aperture opens to the right (dextral). Pear whelks (also dextral) have longer aperture openings.
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
23 cm (9 in)
Other Common Names
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