Busycotypus spiratus

Family Melongenidae - whelks

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape, right-handed (dextral); shell color whitish yellow with irregular wavy radial brown streaks, lighter colored band at base of body whorl; spiraling ridges on whorls; no projections on edges of body whorl, may or may not be small projections on edges of other whorls; deep groove between whorls; edges of body whorl gently rounded, not angular; aperture oblong, long, about 3/4 the length from body whorl to tip of siphon, inside white to light brown; spire short; siphonal canal long; snail body is pale orange.
Similar Species
The shouldered pear whelk has nodules on the edges of whorls (absent on the pear whelk), has an angular aperture opening (a shoulder), spiral is step-like with no grooves between the whorls and its aperture opening is slightly shorter than the pearwhelk's.
Gulf, sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
15 cm (6 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Busycon spiratum plagosum