Blue land crab

Cardisoma guanhumi

Family Gecarcinidae - Land crabs

Carapace oval narrowing posteriorly, widest anteriorly, globular, smooth with fine ridge on sides and anteriorly; color dark brown, purple or orange in juveniles, bluish gray in adult males, gray or white in adult females; one claw larger than the other; last legs regular, not flattened; medium to large crab; lives in burrows on land.
Similar Species
The only other land crab in Texas, the blackback land crab, has a dark brown spot covering most of the dorsal carapace and the rest of the crab is reddish, orange, or white.
Mostly terrestrial, burrows close to water sources (bay or groundwater)
Maximum Size
15 cm (6 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names