Caribbean corbula

Caryocorbula caribaea

Family Corbulidae - corbulas

Bivalve (2 shells); shell oval, elongate, inflated, sturdy, with concentric ridges; color white or off-white, interior white with orangish brown; valves unequal, right valve overlaps left valve; anterior end rounded; posterior end angulate and slightly concave on ventral edge; posterior end may be squarish in young shells; slight ridge from beak to posterior edge; fresh and live specimens with calcified, flat growth extending from posterior margin; beaks small, only slightly angled towards anterior end; no pallial sinus.
Similar Species
The contracted corbula and Dietz's rose corbula have a more pointed or more oblique posterior edge, and both are white to pink inside.
Gulf and bay, muddy to sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
1 cm (2/5 in) in width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
C. swiftiana