Beau's murex

Chicoreus beauii

Family Muricidae - murex shells

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape, varices - 3 radial rows made of long spines with raised webbing in between, spines made from folding shell, spines may be worn or broken; low knobs between the varices; up to 9 distinct whorls; spiraling ridges on whorls; shell color cream to pale brown; aperture (opening) oval, outer margins smooth or slightly scalloped; inside aperture white; spire high, sutures between whorls distinct; siphonal canal long, may be bent or straight, sometimes siphonal canal is split into 2 canals, only 1 of which opens up to aperture.
Similar Species
The webbed varices are unique to this species.
Gulf, deep waters
Maximum Size
13 cm (5 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Siratus beauii, Murex beauii