Reticulated cowrie helmet

Cypraecassis testiculus

Family Cassidae - helmet shells

Gastropod (1 shell), shell spiral in shape, ovate, tapering towards the bottom, short spire, body whorl takes up most of shell; color background orangish brown to gray to pink, brown spots or blotches in spiraling rows with lighter color in between blotches; radiating ribs crossed by widely space, shallow spiraling grooves; aperture side smooth, lighter colored, an orangish band about 2/3's down and orange spot on shoulder; aperture long, narrow, outer lip of aperture thickened, toothed on inside, dark nearly black spots on back side of lip; columella (inner side of aperture) crenulate (ridged); siphonal canal short, angled back and upturned.
Similar Species
This helmet has a distinctive color pattern which helps distinguish it from other helmets.
Gulf, reef areas
Maximum Size
7.6 cm (3 in)
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