Cyrtopleura costata

Family Pholadidae - angelwings

Bivalve (2 shells); shell elongate, elliptical, thin and fragile, inflated; shell color white; strong radial ridges of nodules; anterior edge of shell flips up and over beak (the protoplax and mesoplax); no 12 partitions above beak; a spoon-shaped projection (apophysis) on the underside of the beak, hollow at upper end; 2 really small muscle scars underneath shell, the pallial line arcs out and downward from posterior muscle (pallial sinus), makes a turn anteriorly at shell's edge (soft V shape), and follows shell edge to anterior muscle.
Similar Species
Similar to the Campeche angelwing but the sculpture of the shell is weaker in the Campeche angelwing and it has 12 partitions above the beak (absent in the angelwing).
Bay, bore into the mud
Maximum Size
17.7 cm (7 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Can bore into wood, clay, shale and rocks.