Yellow prickly cockle

Dallocardia muricata

Family Cardiidae - cockles, heart

Bivalve (2 shells); shell inflated, round, slightly taller than wide, become more oblique on the posterior end as it grows; color light cream with patches of brownish red or yellow; interior white to light yellow, sometimes with streaks of yellow and/or purple radiating from beaks; edges crenulate or scalloped; 30-40 radiating ribs with beady or disc-shaped scales mostly on the anterior and posterior ends.
Similar Species
Similar to the Florida prickly cockle (T. egmontianum) but the scales the yellow prickly cockle are bead-like whereas the scales on the Florida prickly cockle are hollow, scoop-shaped (except on the anterior end where the scales are more bead-like). Also the yellow prickly cockle has more ribs (30-40) than the Florida prickly cockle (27-31). Interior color in the Florida prickly cockle is a flush of orangish pink to purple with 1/4 of anterior part white. The yellow prickly cockle's interior is white with streaks of yellow or purple radiating from the beaks.
Gulf and bay, sandy muddy bottoms
Maximum Size
7 cm (2 3/4 in)
Other Common Names
yellow cockle
Previous Scientific Names
Trachycardium muricatum