Texas coquina

Donax texasianus

Family Donacidae - coquinas

Bivalve (2 shells); shell sturdy, almost triangular in shape, moderately inflated, anterior end longer, both anterior and posterior ends somewhat angular; color whitish with some light blue, pink or yellow; rarely rayed; fine concentric growth lines and fine radial ribs; ribs lightly beaded on posterior end; ventral posterior margin crenulate (scalloped), inside ventral margin crenulate.
Similar Species
Similar to the variable coquina, but the Texas coquina is smaller (<0.8 cm), more inflated, ventral margin is more rounded, left valve overlaps right valve on ventral margin, and its posterior ribs are lightly beaded..
Gulf, bury just beneath the surface of the sand in the surf and shallow subtidal zones
Maximum Size
0.8 cm (1/3 in)
Other Common Names
fat little donax
Previous Scientific Names