Semismooth wentletrap

Epitonium apiculatum

Family Epitoniidae - wentletraps

Gastropod (1 shell), shell spiral in shape, elongate, with 8-9 whorls, sutures between whorls distinct, deep; color white; blade-like axial ribs (costae) on whorls, upper edges of costae rounded, not angular; area between costae smooth (no spiraling threads); whorls at the tip of the spire smooth with little to no costae; next 2-3 whorls with low ridge-like costae more numerous than the lower whorls; aperture opening round with thickened lip.
Similar Species
This wentletrap is distinguished by its thickened aperture lip, no spiraling threads between costae, rounded shoulders on costae, the smooth top whorls, and the more numerous costae on the upper whorls.
Gulf, sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
0.5 cm (1/5 in)
Other Common Names
Dall's wentletrap
Previous Scientific Names