Slender tuskshell

Graptacme perlonga

Family Dentaliidae - tuskshells

Scaphopod; shell tubular in shape, narrower at posterior end, slightly curved, long and slender, almost needle-like; color white, opaque; round in cross-section; sculpture smooth, no radial ribs or grooves, faint growth lines; apex (narrow end) either with shallow notch on convex side or smooth with no notch.
Similar Species
Other tusk shells are not as slender as this tusk shell. The Texas tuskshell (Dentalium americanum) has radial ridges and is hexagonal in shape. The ivory tuskshell (G. eborea) has radial ridges at the apex (narrow end). The annulated tuskshell (Episiphon sowerbyi) is reported to have a tubular pipe extending from its apex and does not get as large as the slender tuskshell.
Gulf, mud and sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
9 cm (3 1/2 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Dentalium perlongum