Marylee's auger

Hastula maryleeae

Family Terebridae - augers

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape, elongate, small; color ivory white to brown, white spiraling band on body whorl and at sutures; sutures distinct; apex (tip) very pointed; 2 rows of axial ribs that start below and above sutures, usually joining in the middle, especially distinct on the body whorl; minute spirally striations that do not have microscopic pits; aperture narrow, elongate, pointed at top; siphonal canal short, slightly curved at bottom; shallow depression in columella.
Similar Species
Marylee's auger is distinct from other auger by having 2 rows of axial ribs (most distinct on the body whorl) per whorl. Other augers only have 1. Marylee's also does not have the microscopic pits on the spiral striations that many other augers have.
Gulf, surf zone, usually buries in the sand
Maximum Size
2.5 cm (1 in)
Other Common Names
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