Flecked box crab

Hepatus pudibundus

Family Hepatidae - Box crabs

Carapace oval, wider than long, narrowing at the posterior end; color brownish with darker transverse broken rows that bend posteriorly at the lateral ends, alternately may be covered with small darker spots or a combination of transverse lines and spots; front at edge of carapace between orbits thick and slightly bi-lobed; lateral margins with small blunt spines; claws broad, flat with 3-4 teeth on crest of claw; one claw with enlarged tooth on movable finger fitting into cup-like depression on immovable finger; claws mostly white, inside is smooth, outside is rugged; claws are held close to anterior carapace.
Similar Species
Very similar to the calico box crab. The pattern on the carapace easily distinguishes the two. Calico box crab has large spots. Flecked box crab has transverse lines or very small spots.
Maximum Size
7.5 cm (3 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names