Smooth mud crab

Hexapanopeus angustifrons

Family Panopeidae - Mud crabs

Carapace oval anteriorly, posterior lateral sides straight to slightly concave, slightly convex posteriorly, body wider than long; color pale to reddish brown on carapace, legs pale, claws with brown on top, rest of claws pale, fingers dark brown with white tips; last legs regular, not flattened; 5 spines on anterior lateral edges of carapace; claws unequal in size; major claw with few low teeth, enlarged tooth on movable finger; carapace finely granular; groove on dorsal outer surface of carpus (segment next to claw).
Similar Species
Distinguished from other local mud crabs by an enlarged tooth on major claw, immovable finger on minor claw not spooned out on inner surface, no red spot under outer mouth part, body paler than most mud crabs, and has groove on dorsal outer surface of carpus (segment behind claw, probably need a magnifier to see).
Gulf, shelled areas or soft sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
2 cm (3/4 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
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