Janthina janthina

Family Janthinidae - janthinas

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape, smooth with fine, oblique axial lines, fragile, wider than tall; color deep blue to purple on bottom, lighter blue on top, darker at whorl junction, sometimes with a lighter stripe at the very base; body whorl large, wide, angular; spire short; aperture large, wide, bottom edge is horizontal, edge of inner lip of (part of the columella) is almost vertical, no operculum, curved backwards; no siphonal canal; when live, will be attached to a bubble raft at the aperture.
Similar Species
Other snails in this family are more inflated (globose) than the common janthina.
Gulf, floats upside down on the surface of the water using bubble rafts
Maximum Size
4 cm (1 1/2 in) width
Other Common Names
common purple sea snail
Previous Scientific Names
More common in the spring.