Yellow egg cockle

Laevicardium mortoni

Family Cardiidae - cockles, heart

Bivalve (2 shells). shell oval to subtriangular, inflated; color whitish or yellowish, many times with variable brownish zigzag design, interior white to yellowish with brown mottling; fine commarginal growth rings with weak radial lines; ridge from beak to posterior margin; beak with central (cardinal) tooth flanked on either side by split lateral teeth.
Similar Species
The shape and teeth pattern help identify it as a cockle. Most other cockles (except the egg cockles) have strong radial ridges. The regular egg cockle (L. serratum) is more elongate and the painted egg cockle (L. pictum) has a more lobsided shape and no radiating lines.
Bay, sandy or muddy bottoms
Maximum Size
2.5 cm (1 in)
Other Common Names
Morton's egg cockle
Previous Scientific Names
Common duck food. Species can jumb and swim.