Longnose spider crab

Libinia dubia

Family Pisidae - Spider crabs

Carapace round, narrowing at the anterior end into an extended, slightly forked rostrum (extended snout); color brown; body tubercled with spines and bumps; row of 7 or less (usually 6) spines down the center of the carapace; thin walking legs; tips of legs with curved points; claws small.
Similar Species
It's difficult to distinguish between the portly and the longnose spider crabs, except by counting the spines (bumps) down the center of the carapace. The portly has 8-9 (the anterior one just small bumps) and the longnose has less than 7 (usually 6).The longnose has a more tear-drop shape, the portly more rounded.
Gulf and bay, seagrass beds, sandy muddy bottoms, attaches to jellyfishes
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names