Atlantic brief squid

Lolliguncula brevis

Family Loliginidae - squids

Body (mantle) cylindrical, stout, bluntly rounded at tip; lateral fins short, broad, rounded, wider than long; eyes nearly lateral; has a funnel behind the eyes; 8 short arms (shorter than mantle length) with sucker on the undersides extending the length of the arms; 2 longer tentacles with suckers only on the ends, ends spatulate shaped; mouth with beak-like teeth; color translucent with many purple-red pigment cells (chromatophores) on entire body.
Similar Species
The brief squid mantle is floppy, not as slender as other squids, has a blunt mantle tip, and is usually not as pigmented as the other squids.
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
12.7 cm (5 in) mantle length
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names