Peppermint shrimp

Lysmata wurdemanni

Family Hippolytidae - cleaner shrimps

Body shrimp-like; carapace smooth; color white, translucent to transparent, with orange or red lines; 2nd abdominal segment overlaps the 1st segment; 1st 2 pair of walking legs chelate (clawed), 3rd pair never chelate; 2nd pair of legs more slender but longer than 1st pair; carpus (segment next to chela) of the 2nd legs divided into many segments; rostrum short, not reaching to end of antennule peduncle (base of the smaller pair of antennae); upper rostrum with 4-5 teeth; 3-5 teeth on lower margin of rostrum; no hepatic spine present; no dorsolateral grooves on posterior carapace or last abdominal segment; 1st 1/2 of body widest, with distinct bend in middle and tapering to tail end; a small shrimp.
Similar Species
Easily distinguished by its red stripes, longer 2nd pair of walking legs and the carpus on the 2nd leg is divided into many segments.
Maximum Size
5.5 cm (2 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Hippolysmata wurdemanni