Stone crab

Menippe adina

Family Menippidae - Mud crabs

Carapace oval, stout, posterior lateral sides and posterior end slightly curved; color olive to pale background with small darker brown spots in juveniles, color brown in adults; claws with spotting on top, palms lighter, solid reddish brown color; fingers of claws dark brown to nearly black with white at the very tips; last legs regular, not flattened; 5 spines on anterior lateral edges of carapace, 2nd and 3rd more lobe-shaped; claws unequal in size; major claw with large tooth on both movable and immovable finger surrounded by smaller teeth.
Similar Species
Distinguished from other local mud crabs by having 2 enlarged teeth on major claw (1 on both fingers), immovable finger on minor claw not spooned out on the inner surface, no red spot under outer mouth part, dark fingers with white on extreme tips, only mud crab that can exceed 6 cm (2 1/2 in).
Gulf and bay, groins, oyster reefs, rocky areas, jetties and groins
Maximum Size
15.5 cm (6 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
M. mercenaria