False arrow crab

Metoporhaphis calcarata

Family Inachidae - Spider crabs

Carapace triangular, longer than wide, narrower in the front, knobby, knobs surmounted by a tubercle; long thin simple rostrum (extended snout), as long or longer than carapace, pointed; color brown to gray; eyes protrude sideways, no orbits; claw appendages shorter than other legs; legs long and slender; long spine extending dorsally at 1st joint in legs with smaller spines ventrally.
Similar Species
The yellowline arrow crab has a smooth carapace with yellow lines, no prominent spines at joints on legs.
Gulf, possibly high salinity bays; found around hydroids and other fouling organisms on hard substrates
Maximum Size
2.4 cm (1 in) carapace length, 1 cm (<1/2 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names