Sea grape

Mogula manhattensis

Family Mogulidae - tunicates

Body is ovoid or globular, slightly flattened from side to side, smooth, translucent, firm, color tannish or greenish olive to yellowish green; 2 siphons protrude from one end of the body (sometimes not apparent when disturbed or dead), the shorter siphon has 6 lobes around the opening, the longer siphon with 4 lobes, siphons diverging but close at the bases; can squirt water through siphons when disturbed; usually attached to hard substrates; usual grows in clusters, this is a single, solitary organism.
Similar Species
The other common solitary sea squirt, the pleated sea squirt, Styela plicata, is warty and creased in appearance.
Gulf and bay, attaches to hard substrates
Maximum Size
2.5 cm (1 in)
Other Common Names
sea squirt, tunicate
Previous Scientific Names