Clinging jellyfish

Nemopsis bachei

Family BougainvilliidaeĀ  - hydroids

Bell gelatinous, transparent, semi-spherical, somewhat firm; 4 flat ribbon-like gonads, united at the top, radiating down the sides of the bell to near the oral opening giving an X-like appearance from above, gonads are translucent with whitish, pinkish or greenish color; 4 clusters of tentacles on margin of bell, usually can't be seen by the naked eye; does not sting.
Similar Species
The appearance of the radiating gonads and 4 clusters of tentacles (need a magnifier to see) distinguish this hydroid from other hydroids and ctenophores.
Bay, pelagic
Maximum Size
1.1 cm (1/2 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
This is not a true jellyfish or a comb jelly. It is a hydroid.