Fat dovesnail

Parvanachis obesa

Family Columbellidae - dovesnails

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral, spire about 1/2 height of shell; color whitish to brownish with brown spiraling bands; short axial ribs between sutures, beaded just below sutures; base of shell without axial ribs; spiral ribs in between axial ribs, but not crossing axial ribs; spiral ribs unbroken on base area; aperture almost 1/2 height of shell; outer lip of aperture thickened (in adults), inside of lip dentate (small rounded tooth-like projections); siphonal canal short, shallow notch at base; extremely small snail.
Similar Species
The short axial ribs with spiral ribs in between, but not crossing axial ribs, help distinguish this shell. Other dovesnails, if they have axial ribs, have spiral ribs that cross the axial ribs.
Gulf, sand bottoms
Maximum Size
0.8 cm (1/3 in)
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